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Scheduled Backups & Recovery (S3)

Website/Hosting Backup and Recovery. Rooah! storage solutions are designed to deliver secured, scalable, and durable storage for businesses looking to achieve efficiency and scalability within their backup and recovery environments, without the need for an on-premises infrastructure. This service is provided on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedule per customer preference.

Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate

Have customers continue coming back to your site by ensuring their protection. Our SSL certificates utilize SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption which is the strongest on the market, protects unlimited servers, allows for unlimited free reissues and 24/7 security support, boost your Google search ranking, are compatible with all major browsers and display a Security Seal on your website. SSL certificates allow you to safely accept credit cards for e-commerce on your website to keep customers clicking through to checkout.
Knowing your website is secured increases your customer confidence. Provide online safety before they submit personal information like their name, credit card number and address into your website. SSL certificates protect personal Identifiable Information by encrypting the data they send to you, then decrypting it once you’ve received it.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A CDN can drastically increase the speed of your website. You can think of a CDN as a set of cached servers around the world that host a version of the content of your website. As a result of your site being replicated on a set of global servers, it’s likely that site access will be turbocharged for your readers and customers. With a CDN, servers tuned for availability and performance serve your site to nearby customers, greatly reducing latency.
This service especially enhances multimedia served from your website. Images and video streams perform better and don't slow down your website loading speed.

Caching System

Built into the website, this will help load the site up faster on all web browsers. Faster speed means higher ranking on Search engines.

Business Email (Starter)

Our Business Email (Starter) package, available for just $5 per month or $50 per year, offers a professional, secure, and affordable email solution for your business.
Enhance your brand identity with a customized business email address, benefit from robust security features, and enjoy ample storage space for your correspondence.
Plus, with 24/7 customer support, we're always here to help. Stay connected, stay professional with our Business Email (Starter) package.


Create the ability to add Live streaming services, pre-recorded multimedia streams, and multiple membership levels for online training. The membership subscription platform will be dynamic, engaging, and offer the latest in live virtual meeting and interaction features from Zoom. Great for Fitness training, Musical training, educational etc.

Sales "Squeeze" Funnel

1. A 60-minute strategy call to map out a custom sales funnel for your business or service.
2. 3-4 pages Full Fledged Premium High Converting Funnel designed
3. Monthly support